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"America's Only Authentic Sliceria®"
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​​The Facts

Have you ever noticed that every pizza company claims to use "only the freshest of ingredients," and "only 100% real cheese?" Honestly, would any one open a place and claim to use "only the stalest of ingredients" and "only 30% real cheese"? Let's be realistic, pizza in America is pretty much all the same. The only real difference is usually in the packaging and even that is becoming homogenized. This includes the "new" Take n' Bake concept which is really just a recycled grocery store idea.

The truth is most of the national chains were started when pizza was still considered a fad. And many of their products convey that same message. At Pizzeria Venti, we took a fresh, new approach to pizza and built "America's only Authentic Sliceria" making our pizza with a variety of different and exciting ingredients, along with traditional toppings and using only the finest clean, pure Italian water to make our crust. So the next time you want great pizza, order from Pizzeria Venti. We make it fresh. We make it authentic. We make it real. Just try asking one of the big chains for a slice of Roma tomato and fresh Basil. We dare you. Pizzeria Venti is a Trans Fat Free Zone Except for naturally occurring trans fat in dairy products. We endeavor to keep ALL of our pizza, Timpanini®, soups & salads trans fat free. At a time when Trans fat is in everything from frozen pizza to breakfast cereal, Pizzeria Venti always has and always will make our products without hydrogenated fats or lard. Our Crust is made with Extra Virgin olive oil, imported Italian water, salt, flour and yeast. That's all. It's pure –it's Simple-it's real.
​                     Pizzeria Venti
​       America's only Authentic Sliceria®
The Pizzeria Venti Program...A Cure for the Common Franchise
Pizzeria Venti brings the tradition of Italy's famous "Pizza al taglio" or pizza by the cut, to America and your town. We offer up to 20 different pizzas by the slice or full pan. Our ingredients are purchased locally and we offer in-season menu changes, creating signature dishes second to none.
PIZZERIA VENTI® The True Taste Of Italy
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