Pizzeria Venti
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The Pizzeria Venti Program...A Cure for the Common Franchise
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The Pizzeria Venti Franchise Program offers:

The Keys To Your Success:
Begin with the location. Our real estate experts will help you seek out potential franchise locations, which will meet our requirements. The sites, positioned in high foot traffic locations, must fall within our parameters for success, and address the following criteria: adequate parking, high visibility, strong demographics, accessibility and visual appeal. All of these considerations, and more, make up the recipe for a successful Pizzeria Venti franchise.

Your Roadmap to Independence:
At Pizzeria Venti, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. We will work with you to determine the best location and most cost-efficient floor plans to fulfill your goal of a seperate businessperson.

While we train you for your new role, the Pizzeria Venti team will help supervise construction of your new store, including assembly of equipment and signage, and preparation for the Grand Opening.

After You Open:
Even after you’re up and running, the corporate team remains on call to assist you in the challenges of a new business. Helping you fine tune your operation and work with you to obtain it’s maximum potential.

Knowledge is Power:
There are no dumb questions at Pizzeria Venti. We take training very seriously. Your education begins the moment you become a Pizzeria Venti Franchisee.

Under the Tuscan Sun:
If one is truly serious about learning the pizza business, then it only makes sense to go to the source. ITALY. Your training program includes one week learning our culinary arts in Tuscany. There you will be trained to identify, prepare and present many of the menu items you will be serving your customers at your own Pizzeria Venti restaurant. You will stay in a working farmhouse just outside of Siena, where your training begins with, among other things, learning to appreciate great food and the quality of the products served at a Pizzeria Venti restaurant.

Promoting The Business:
Have you ever wondered why so many pizza operations literally give their product away? Could it be because they have to? Everyday the internet and promotional coupon envelopes are filled with offers of $3.00 off, buy one get one free, free wings with any purchase, and on and on and on. At Pizzeria Venti, we believe our products are so unique we don’t have to give them away. And because we are the only authentic Sliceria® in America, franchisees have access to an entirely different marketing approach with one of a kind advertising and promotional materials. Once your customers taste our products, they are yours! However we must still get the word out by using select marketing designed to get people into your store. In addition to your own advertising budget, Pizzeria Venti provides corporate advertising campaigns designed to give you more bang for your advertising buck.

Meet, & Eat:
Getting started is easy. Go to Pizzeria Venti, meet the people, have a slice, and then give us a call.

Let’s Get Busy:
Upon signing a franchise agreement, we will help you secure your location, and from there you are as little as 90 days away from selling your first slice. But we won’t leave you unprepared. After completing our training program, you’ll move onto one of our stores where you’ll receive invaluable on-the-job training. Once you’ve graduated to your own store, company personnel will continue to work with you to ensure you get off on the right foot.

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